I know, you are thinking, What is a Bzzz Agent?

Well, Bzzz Agents are bloggers who get a product for free, test them out and then blog about their opinion of the product. You have to go to the website, http://www.bzzagent.com, and sign up to become a Bzzz Agent. You fill out a page with all your information, including your Facebook and Twitter pages, and give them a link to your blog. You also fill out various surveys so that they can choose who would be the best match for the product. Once you do that, you wait for them to contact you and invite you to join a campaign.

When you are invited to a campaign, they will send you an email asking you to go to the Bzzz Agent website and sign up for the campaign. If you are lucky, they will accept you for the campaign and will then send you the product for you to test and then give your opinion about the product. They expect you to post it on your Facebook page and on your Twitter account and also put your review on your blog.

Well, a few months ago I decided to join Bzzz Agents. I filled out all the information, filled out my surveys and then proceeded to wait to be invited to join a campaign. And I waited… and waited… After a couple of months, I started to get discouraged… Didn’t they want me to join any campaigns? Was there nothing that I would fit the bill for? Finally I got the email… My first campaign… Whoo Hoo!!! I immediately went to the website and signed up! I was so excited and could hardly wait for my Bzzz Agent product package.

Then the next day, a second email arrived! They want me for a second campaign!!! Yay!! Hopefully they will be rolling in and I will have alot to review.

So now I am waiting for the product to come, it should be here in a couple of weeks. One of the campaigns is for Claritin-D and the other is for MorningStar Farms. The Claritin-D is going to be very handy as I have a cold that just will not leave, as well as allergies that have not gotten any better, even with the weather turning colder.


As for the MorningStar Farms, I am really looking forward to that one. . Always looking for ways to eat healthier and hoping to lose some weight in 2013, this will allow me to try it with no monetary expense on my part.


So there it is, what Bzzz Agent is… stay tuned for more to come on my campaigns.