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Has anyone tried Align Probiotic supplement?  I recently got a free 14 day sample in the mail from Vocalpoint.com to try out.  When I am done the 14 days, I am going to rate Align on the Vocalpoint.com website (and here too, of course!) – which is why they sent it to me in the first place.

Having just gotten over either the flu or a stomach virus – not sure which one it was since I had symptoms of both at the same time – I thought this might be the best time to start using Align. Align is supposed to fortify your digestive system with healthy bacteria and make you feel better.  And believe me, after the last week, I am starting with a clean colon!  LOL!

So I will be back in 14 days to give you my review of Align.  In the meantime, if you have tried it, feel free to leave your comments on your experience with Align!