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I got the package out and got together my ‘dye’ shirt – the one that I use for when I dye my hair… I opened the package and found the directions.  Read them thoroughly… nothing new to worry about… and got the gloves out… hmmm black gloves?  That’s different!  I have larger hands than a lot of women but by no means are they huge… but I had a hard time getting the gloves on.  They were very tight and I was worried about ripping them.  Got them on and went to work.  The mixing and applicator bottle was different, it looks like a drop of … well oil I guess, which would be appropriate since this has no ammonium and is ‘powered’ by oil.  I opened it up and twisted off the tip and started to prepare the dye.  I don’t like that they packaged everything in tubes.  You just can’t seem to get it all out like you can with bottles.  As soon as I opened the tube of developer, it spit out a small amount onto the sink.  Luckily it didn’t hit me… I squeezed that into the mixer bottle, which seemed to take forever since I had to squeeze and squeeze to get it all out.  And I didn’t seem to have as much as I should have… Starting to get worried that I wouldn’t have enough.  Then I opened the tube of colorant, which I did gingerly, didn’t want that to squirt out on me too! But I was glad to see that it had a seal on it that you had to break with the top of the tube… you know, where you turn the top around and pierce the seal with it.  I squeezed the colorant into the mixer bottle with the developer.  That actually went in better than the developer but I was still worried that I might not have enough.  And I don’t have long hair, it isn’t even to my shoulders.
I closed up the mixer bottle and shook it with my finger in the tip and got it mixed with no problems.  The only con to the bottle so far is that you can’t tell if the developer and the colorant are mixed without opening the bottle to check to make sure that it is mixed.  I started to put it on my hair like I normally do, using the tip of the bottle to part my hair, squirt on some of the dye mixture, using my free hand to smooth the mixture into my hair.  For some reason it was a little more difficult to use the bottle that way, maybe because the tip is longer than most.  It went on well, no dripping at all.  That was a nice pro! I was relieved that it all went on my hair, but just barely.  I usually have more left over that I use up by putting it on where it already is but I didn’t have enough to do that this time.  Now to wait the 30 minutes until I am ready to rinse… Figured that would give me time to write the first part of my review. Which I was able to do…
I’m a little concerned because there was quite a few reviews online that people were disappointed in the product… it didn’t cover well, didn’t color well … etc, etc… Hopefully this will be successful for me!
OK, time to go rinse…Be back soon!

Before using Garnier Olia

I’m back!!
Well, no problems with getting it all out.  My hair felt quite dry and I ended up using all of the After Color Conditioner.  That is highly unusual for me, I generally only have to use a portion of it and keep it to use for a couple of washes after I color my hair.  That helped my hair and once I washed that out, my hair didn’t seem to feel that bad.  I was surprised about the amount of hair that was in the drain once I was done, it was about twice the normal amount.
It took me a little longer than normal to comb my hair as it was still tangled.  I dried it and I have to say, it took me a little longer than normal to get it dry.  It styled fine.  The color was good and not darker than what I was expecting.  I used #6.43 Light Natural Auburn.  My hair had about a 1 inch growth on it and once I used the color, you could not see any of the growth.  It looks like it covered well.

After using Garnier Olia


Covers well
Nice color
No smell!
Did not burn or itch

Awkward mixer/applier bottle, but looks cute!
Not enough product
Poor packaging of the product.  Would not use a tube for the developer. Or the colorant for that matter.
Did not like the way it made my hair feel.
Tangled my hair

All in all, I would say that it is not the worse haircolor product that I have used but it is not the best either.  Would I use it again?  Probably not, unless they improve the packaging and how it makes your hair feel.  I don’t think that I would recommend it to my friends either.  I gave it 3 stars because it had some good points but I feel the bad out weigh the good in this case.

Oh and I need to disclose that this is part of my BzzAgent activity and I received a coupon as part of that activity to pay for the Garnier Oliva Haircolor.  #GotItFree