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Hi there!

After a long absence, I am back with another BzzzAgent review!  This time I am reviewing Curél® Intensive Healing Cream.


I have to put a disclaimer here that I am a BzzzAgent and that I got 6 one ounce containers of Curél® Intensive Healing Cream free so that I could try it out –  #GotItFree

My hands get very dry, more so now because I am taking care of a very active 13 month old and I am constantly washing my hands!  I would say that I wash my hands 15+ times a day.  So with Fall here and Winter right around the corner, I need to find something that will make my hands less dry.  Oh and I have dry legs and feet too…

When this BzzzAgent campaign came along, I jumped at it!  Just in time for me!  I was excited to get the box of cream and when I got it, I put one in every room and of course one in my purse for when I am on the go!

The first time I tried it, I noticed that it was a very thick, heavy cream.  I thought, ‘O boy, this is really gonna work for me!’ I slathered it on my hands and realized that it was also very sticky!  It took me a while to work it into my skin and for a while afterwards, I noticed that it didn’t quite feel that it was absorbed and felt that I had to keep rubbing my hands together and started smoothing it up both arms. But did my hands feel good!

After I washed my hands the first time, I realized that I was going to have to reapply this cream every time I washed my hands.  Definitely not what I was looking for!  During the day I don’t have the time to constantly reapply lotion … who does when there is a 13 month old running around getting into everything!  Young children certainly don’t understand that concept! So besides the time it takes to get the cream absorbed into my skin, I have to reapply it after every hand washing?  Hmm, not for a busy person, that is for sure.

I also applied it to my legs and feet after showering, but it seemed to only keep my skin hydrated for a short time.  I would need to reapply that also, but not as often as I would need to on my hands.  I didn’t need to reapply as often to my elbows, which I was really glad about.

I liked this cream and how my skin felt after applying it and getting it absorbed into my skin.  My skin felt soft and hydrated.  But… it didn’t last as long as I would like it to and I was not happy that I had to reapply it so often, even after using it for a while.  I felt that after a week, I shouldn’t have to use as much but it didn’t seem to change after continuous use.

I doubt that I will purchase Curél® Intensive Healing Cream for my personal use. I need a cream that is less sticky, takes less effort to apply and one that I don’t need to apply so often.

I love working as a BzzAgent because it enables me to try items before I purchase them!  Thank you to BzzAgent.com for allowing me to do this!