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VS Sassoon Salonist


Vidal Sassoon Salonist Permanent Hair Color is the first at-home hair color to treat roots and lengths separately, as done in salons, with a revolutionary 2-step process that uses salon techniques and tools. The result is color full of depth and tones, seamlessly blended from root to tip.’ ~ VS Sassoon

My new Bzz Agent assignment – VS Sassoon Salonist Hair Color!  I got my invitation from BzzAgent.com to try out this new hair color.  It had been a long time since I last colored my hair – maybe close to a year.  The gray was really showing (although if you ask my sister, I have no gray at all…) so I thought I would give it a try.  I was lucky enough to be accepted into the test group and In December 2014, I received the box from BzzAgent.  One problem… no time to color my hair, it would have to wait.  Finally, on January 2, 2015 I found the time…

What comes in the box

I pulled the box out and opened it up.  I’m used to finding a couple of bottles, a mixing bottle and gloves that are attached to the instructions.  Hmm, this was a little different! In the box, in a neat fashion, I found a small tub with a brush attached to the lid of the tub, a bottle marked ‘1- Colour Activating Lotion’,

Bottle 1, Activating Lotion

a tube marked ‘1-Rich Colour Cream’,a packet marked ‘2- VS Serum’,

Color Creme and Serum

a tube marked Colour Preserving Conditioner


and 2 black rubber gloves.  … Wait! RUBBER GLOVES??? I’m impressed already… nice heavy duty rubber gloves.

Rubber Gloves!

In all the years that I have been coloring my own hair, I’ve never have rubber gloves to go with the kit… always those flimsy sandwich bag type gloves that you think are going to rip any second and you’ll get the dye all over your hands and have to walk around with dark colored hands for a while. (from the dye)

Page 1 of instructionsPage 2 of instructions

So I open the instructions and read over them.  Normally when you color your hair at home, you get a bottle with a long tip that you mix the color cream and the activating lotion together in and then cut the tip off and use that to put the solution on your hair.  Over the years I have learned to use the tip of the bottle to part my hair, and put the mixture on my hair with the bottle.  This comes with a long tailed brush…which is used for mixing and applying the solution with the tail used for parting your hair.  Much easier!

Tub with brush

The directions go into detail on how to put the color on, including how to part you hair to get the best coverage.  Definitely helps to make it easier! So after reading the instructions, I’m ready to begin.

Solution 1 color creme

First you put on the gloves. Then you put the Color Creme (tube marked 1) in the tub.  Sort of looks like orange spaghetti to me…

Adding activation lotion

Then you add the Activation lotion (bottle marked 1).  Looks like orange spaghetti and milk, don’t you think?


Then you mix it up Follow the directions, parting hair with the tail of the brush and then using brush to put the solution on your hair.  It was much easier than the old way of doing it and a lot neater! I didn’t get any solution on my clothes, towels, walls or floors (yes I am messy when I color my hair and I usually end up with the solution all over the place!) My only problem was… well… I have a very hard time doing this sort of thing with a mirror… you know, it looks like your hand should go one way and it really should be going the other?  But have no fear, I worked through that problem and got all the solution where it belonged. One BIG difference… you don’t put all the solution on all your hair at once.  You only do the roots and only use 3/4 of the solution for that.  You save the rest of the solution for later…

After 20 minutes, you mix the remaining 1/4 of the solution with the packet of serum

Mixture with Serum

It should look like this.  You then scoop up the mixture in handfuls and smooth it through the rest of your hair.  Be sure to massage it in on all of your hair, including the roots.  Wait 10 more minutes and then rinse the mixture out of your hair.  Then lightly shampoo your hair and rinse.  After shampooing, put the conditioner on your hair coating it liberally.  Leave the conditioner on for at least 2 minutes to get the best results


Easy-peasy!  This is the best hair color product that I have ever used!  And I have been coloring my hair since I was a teenager… many moons ago… I think the dinosaurs roamed the earth back then.. *smile*

After drying and styling my hair, I must say that I was really impressed.  My hair is soft, smooth and not fly away!  The color is beautiful!  I used 6/3 Light Gold Brown.My hair color is naturally a mousey brown with a small amount of gray streaking through it.  Afterwards my hair is a beautiful brown with nice undertones and depth. And I don’t see any gray streaks!

I am very happy with my color and experience with the coloring process.  I will definitely recommend it to all my friends and relatives… and will be using it again the next time I need to color my hair!  Thanks BzzAgent for allowing me to find this great hair color product!  And thank you to VS Sassoon for providing the color product… you have a customer or life, as long as you keep the product and experience as easy as this one!