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I have had the opportunity to try out Weight Watchers cereal, courtesy of BzzAgent.com.

I am trying the product for free thanks to MOM Brands, distributor of Weight Watchers® cereals.  I received 2 boxes of Weight Watchers cereal, one box of Frosted Shredded Wheat and one box of Oat clusters with cherries and almonds.

The Frosted Shredded Wheat with Protein features 12-layer biscuits, 6g protein, 5g fiber and 40g whole grains.  The Protein is soy protein.

The Oat Clusters with Cherries & Almonds are made with real cherries, crunchy almonds and 8 essential vitamins and minerals per serving.

I tried the Frosted Wheat first.  I’m a big fan of Frosted Mini Wheats so I thought that this, being a Weight Watchers food, would not be as good as the Frosted mini wheats.  Was I wrong!  It was every bit as tasty as the frosted mini wheats and did not leave an after taste in my mouth, as some soy protein products sometimes do.  The biscuits were different sizes but there were a few that were just too long so I cut them into a more manageable size.  They didn’t get too soggy in the milk and the sugar stayed on them well.  And there wasn’t too much sugar on them, which I thought was good.  I recently detoxed off sugar so I can really taste the sugar, even if there is not too much on there.  They didn’t taste like I was going to go into a diabetic coma after eating them.  Just enough sugar…  I like them and would most certainly continue to eat them.  One thing though, there was a lot of broken biscuits in the bottom of the box, almost enough to fill a bowl.  That was a little disappointing.  But all in all, I really like the cereal.

Next I tried the Oat Clusters with Cherries and Almonds.  Very tasty!  The flakes had a good flavor – yep there actually was a flavor to them… not like eating cardboard … like some ‘diet’ cereals sometimes taste.  There was real cherries and almonds in the box too.  The only problem was that I felt the cherries were too large.  They were the whole cherry, dried. Which means that they were hard …. almost too hard to chew!  I think that it would be better to cut the cherries in half so no one breaks a tooth on them! The almonds were thin slices.  They held up well in the milk and didn’t get too soggy.  There was still some crunch in the flakes at the end of the bowl.  I think that I would have enjoyed it a bit more if there was some flakes of coconut in there too.

I would highly recommend these cereals if you are on a low fat diet.  (Or just wanted a good tasting, low calorie cereal) They taste good, don’t get too soggy in your bowl and fill you up, without having to eat a couple of bowls! You should try them!

Real fruit, whole grains and only 3-5 PointsPlus® value per serving means you can savor every spoonful in a delicious bowl of Frosted Shredded Wheat with Protein or Oat Clusters with Cherries & Almonds. This new cereal’s math adds up to a 100% great way to help start your day.