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So I decided to take a course on blogging so that I could move on to a more ‘sophisticated’ blog… more than just doing reviews on items that I have tried.

My first assignment is to write and publish a post on “who I am and why I’m here”. So here goes…

Since I retired, I have been searching for my creative side. Photography has been a love of mine for years. I was 10 years old when my father gave me a Polaroid camera in a bag. Yes, I said, in a bag! Well, it is really in a briefcase type bag. It is permanently in the case and you open it up and pull out part of the camera to take the picture. Then, like all old time Polaroid cameras, you pulled the picture of the side of the camera and rubbed it to make sure that the picture developed correctly. That was when I fell in love with taking pictures. After that, I graduated to the ‘Instant’ Polaroid camera, Brownie and Instamatic cameras. When I graduated from high school, I purchase a Ashi Pentax SLR camera from a guy with who was a friend. He purchased the camera somewhere in Asia while on R&R during the Vietnam War. I still have that camera along with my Dad’s Nikon SLR.

After a few years, I stopped taking so many pictures, mainly because I had a child to take care of which between that and a job, I didn’t have time for photography. Fast forward 30+ years and I am retiring from my job. As a retirement gift from my company, I received a Canon Rebel DSLR and before I know it, I’m back to my love of photography. I still take pictures but it has never really evolved into much more that a fun thing for me to do.

Then on a whim, I go to one of those ‘Paint and Drink’ nights where you learn to paint a picture while drinking a bottle of wine. Well, as anyone who knows me will tell you, there wasn’t much wine drinking but I found something else creative that I liked to do. So I started to take lessons in painting and learning to turn on that side of my creative self.

Now that I have opened up my creative mind, I found that I enjoy painting ceramics, and made Christmas ornaments for everyone in my family this year. I usually go with a long time friend and we spend the day talking and painting. It is very relaxing! I am looking forward to doing more of that and also maybe to try glass fusion.

So, that is who I am at this particular point in my life. Which brings me to why I am here. I’ve never been one to really talk about myself that much, I’m much better at listening to others. Maybe too good, because no one really seems to care a lot about wanting to listen to my stories. So I find that maybe another part of my creative mind would like to write about what is going on with me and where my life is headed, now that I am in the later years of my life. It will be fun to see where this leads.

Well, there you have it, who I am and why I’m here…