Hello world!

Hi There!

This is the first post to my blog, Life is always winging it.  I chose that title because Life never is the same, it is always changing… always winging it… nothing goes as planned, I have learned over the years…

I wanted a place to post my pictures… I am an amateur photographer… for now… If someone likes my pictures, they are for sale.  I guess I am drawn to flowers and nature for now… but I am going to widen my horizons.

I’m a new grandmother, and that world is changing daily.  I thought the love of my life was my son?? Well after my granddaughter was born, I quickly found that there is more than one love of my life…

So that is it for now.  I will be back with more, lots more.  I get a lot of free samples and have had the chance to try out things and I am signed up to try out more items.  As I get them, I will review them on this blog.

See you soon!